No Apologies to Count Floyd

Leadership is an overused word, and is often misused. We like this definition.

Las Vegas , Nevada — Oct 29, 2014 / ( — Trick or trepidation!

Gone are the old Halloween fears which provoked nervous giggles. Being frightened used to be far more entertaining. Now terror has exceeded real life in its excessiveness.

            The latest Slow Boat Media post bears the title Ooh! Scary! Ooh! ( It’s a paean to simpler pursuits – and being preyed upon – while acknowledging that our natural revulsions have instilled repulsions deeper than almost any mankind can manufacture.

            Spooky atmosphere, catgut moods once sufficed to provide chills. Today, skip spine-tingling for brain-deadening ripping out of spines.

            No longer are dreads conjured from the everyday or the fairly plausible. Even the mystical has become an impenetrable black. Often relentless revenge must be survived to reach the barest redemption.

            Happy Halloween!