As Marijuana Dispensaries Struggle with Supply Issues, CANOPI’s Preparation Yields Benefits for Las Vegas Recreational Users

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LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / July 12, 2017 / The story of recreational marijuana shortages in Nevada is making national headlines as Governor Sandoval declared a state of emergency. This shortage is not due to lack of supply, as wholesalers still have stock to sell, but due to how the transportation of marijuana stocks from wholesalers to retailers is regulated.

CANOPI Cannabis Dispensaries, like many dispensary chains in Las Vegas, made the addition of recreational sales to their already robust medical marijuana sales on July 1. However, unlike many dispensaries, CANOPI anticipated high demand and prepared deep stocks of recreational products.

“We have long suspected the delivery method to be the weak link in this industry,” said director of sales, Alex Hernandez. “When recreational was coming down the pipeline, and knowing how much of a destination Las Vegas is, we began preparing early for demand much higher than predicted. Now that’s paying off for our customers.”

CANOPI is now offering special pricing for military veterans, Las Vegas locals, and medical users. There is also a loyalty program rolling out now.

“As much as Las Vegas is known for being a party city, we really want to make locals first,” Hernandez reports. “Our locations are off the strip, and we are offering not only discounts to locals, but a loyalty program, discounts to vets, and, of course, our usual best-in-Nevada pricing for medical marijuana patients. We really want to be known as the local’s favorite cannabis dispensary.”

CANOPI Cannabis Dispensaries has 3 locations in Las Vegas.


CANOPI Cannabis Dispensaries
Alex Hernandez

SOURCE: CANOPI Cannabis Dispensaries

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