RewardExpert Ranks Destinations Where The U.S. Dollar Takes Travelers Further

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Analyzes ten countries in which the exchange rates work in favor of U.S. travelers and ten countries where the dollar is less valuable

New York, N.Y. (PRWEB) July 12, 2017

Political and economic climates have given the U.S. dollar a strong advantage in several countries this year, making certain destinations more affordable than they typically are. RewardExpert — a free service that helps travelers fly for cheap by maximizing miles and points — today released a report analyzing ten countries where the dollar has increased and ten countries where the dollar has decreased in value over the past year. The report also looks at the average expenses a traveler may incur in each destination and provides an overall affordability ranking.

“There are a number of typically pricey destinations where the U.S. dollar’s exchange rate is working in favor of American travelers abroad,” says RewardExpert CEO Roman Shteyn. “If any of these destinations have been on your bucket list, this summer may be an opportune time to pull the trigger on a vacation in one these countries. Conversely, some destinations give travelers less value for their dollar; hold off on visiting these countries to save up for a more budget-friendly vacation down the road.”

Key findings from RewardExpert’s report include:

  • In terms of an expensive trip, Iceland is #1 with a bullet. For example, a night out in Iceland is, on average, far more expensive than any other country on the list. Dinner and drinks for two at a mid-tier restaurant runs about $140.00, which is 23.1% more expensive than the second-most expensive night out, in Norway.
  • On the other end, Mexico is the cheapest vacation spot on the list. Our Southern neighbor clocks in on the bottom half of expense rankings for just about every category and is number one in terms of cheap Airbnb prices and inexpensive shopping. For the budget-conscious summer traveler, Mexico is a haven that's just a short trip away.
  • Government policy has a big effect on traveler’s checks. Iceland’s efforts to strengthen the Krona have made the dollar 19.6% weaker there since last year. At the same time, political currency devaluation has made the dollar 13.5% more valuable in Argentina during that twelve-month period.
  • In the past year, it’s become more affordable to vacation in Western European destinations. However, many of the examined countries are still rather costly, especially in Scandinavia. The dollar has become more valuable in three Western European countries (Norway, UK and Sweden) by an average of 5.6%, but countries like Sweden and Norway remain near the top of most spending categories.

“Certain destinations will always be on the pricier end,” says Shteyn, “which is why savvy travelers know to seize the opportunity and visit these countries when their dollar will stretch even further.”

Further details on the report are available on the RewardExpert website.


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