NOT Your Regular Resource Page…

This resource page will probably be different to any that you have previously seen. As we discover interesting places on the web, we will add them here. In many ways we are leaving the era of academia, and entering a new era of technology and problem solving.

The current educational system was created for the industrial age, Industry needed good workers that were disciplined and could follow strict rules and orders obediently. Whilst some of the disciplinary procedures such as corporate punishment have been abandoned, other seeming pointless practices remain.

How many people rely on memorized facts in their work life when search engines are at everyone’s fingertips, or in their pockets?

How many people will need to spend 2 or 3 hours in exam conditions, without being able to look anything up, or ask help from anyone?

Leadership is an overused word, and is often misused. We like this definition.

Jobs of the future…

Will be either done by robots, or creative people. We believe that AI will never overtake us completely, when it does, it might bring with it the answers to the universe. Perhaps the secrets of teleportation or light-speed journeys to other galaxies searching for inhabitable planets? Perhaps we will embrace the singularity and find the meaning of life?

Between that time, and present day, there are going to be some rough patches for many of us. The best way to survive will be to learn new skills, or to embrace new industries.

We think that there will always be opportunity in art, music, sport and entertainment. We can imagine robots performing surgery, or serving us food at restaurants – but would we go to watch them perform an new song? Would we want to face them on the football field? Perhaps not.

So, without further ado…

Here is a list of resources, ideas and career suggestions that we have come across on the web:


How many people gave up their dreams of artistry to pursue an academic course? How many people listened to their parents or teachers and followed the sensible path? What might have happened…

Why don’t you find out by taking music lessons and pick up from where you left off? If you visit the Stars&Catz website you can find a music teacher near you. There are 4 location based ones: UK & Ireland, Australia, USA and Canada.

Performance Consulting

Most industries have inefficiencies in their processes, and lots of them. Sometimes being part of the problem, prevents us from solving it – or even seeing it! Did you know that you can be a performance consultant? You can create cost savings and efficiency that can be scaled. You can get paid based on value provided more than for hours worked.

If you are building a widget, how fast can you go? What can you produce in a day or week? If you identify places where hours, days or weeks can be saved, for whole work forces, you can save companies millions! Here is an example in the oil and gas industry, and one in more varied industrial applications.


Podcasting has gone from a cult/underground movement, to a medium that is even more effective that writing books! Hard to believe? Well, it takes a year or two to get a traditional book published. Even the self publishing route can be an ordeal.

You can reach the same number of people through podcasts. You can record a podcast and publish it right away. Don’t feel that you are enough of an expert? You can interview experts like John Lee Dumas or James Altucher!

This list will grow over time as we get inspired around the web…