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University Chronicle Editorial Team

David Smith – David lives in Omaha and has written for a number of publications, including, Forbes and the Omaha Herald.

Michelle Rhody – Michelle lives in Tulsa, OK and holds degrees in journalism and business from the University of Oklahoma. She has experience writing for a number of news publications, including several newspapers in Oklahoma and most recently, University Chronicle.

Adam Dyson – Adam is currently a journalism student at the University of South Dakota. He is originally from Sioux Falls, SD and looks forward to a long career in journalism.

Mark Furlan – Mark is an inspiring actor and a community activist in Hollywood. He has had libertarian leanings as long as he can remember. Mark started writing on University Chronicle in January of 2009.

Miguel Brewer – Miguel is a graduate of the University of California Berkley and holds degrees in information technology and business. He works as an equities research analyst by day, but writes about a number of subject on University Chronicle by night.

Paul Crichton – Is a freelance writer who specializes in covering the dynamic and exciting energy industry. He is a frequent blogger and offers ghostwriting and copywriting services.